• Starlight Phase II: Pan Xiaoting, Queen of Nine Balls


    Industry information 2020年6月1日
  • The top ten online lover rankings are released, and the noble temperament of the nine ball gods is unmatched

    News background The ranking of “China’s Top Ten Online Lovers” was officially released, and 10 goddesses including Zhang Xinyu, Pan Xiaoting, Zhang Yiyi, Gao Yuanyuan, Lin Chiling, Fan Bingbing, Li Yifeng, Lin Dan, Wang Junying, and Wang Sicong were selected. The nine-goal queen Pan Xiaoting ranked second only to Zhang Xinyu, and ranked first in the sports world.

    Industry information 2020年6月1日
  • Nine ball queen meets snooker master Chen Siming commentary

    At 19:30 on the evening of May 21, world champion Chen Siming will return to Octopus TV personal network station again in a white suit. Because his leg was accidentally injured during the training camp, Chen Siming had to add an extra chair next to him during the explanation to place his legs that cannot be bent at present.

    Industry information 2020年6月1日

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