[I am a star player] I promised to ride alone for thousands of miles

In 1999, Wang Bin joined Xingpai and became one of the thousands of billiard players in China. This year is of special significance to Wang Bin. Perhaps he did not expect at this moment that he will witness the rapid development of Chinese billiards in the next 20 years, and witness the development of Xingpai from an unknown small and medium-sized enterprise to the “breaking and transformation” of a world brand.

From 1999 to 2020, he, like every unknown star person, used responsibility, enthusiasm and dedication in different positions to push the wheels of China’s billiards industry forward, using his steadfastness and inefficiency and star brand. Develop together.

For 21 years, Wang Bin has inadvertently gained a lot of silver hair from his vigorous youth to the year of Dayan. For 21 years, he has witnessed the persistence and watchmanship of an ordinary star brand!

[I am a star player] I promised to ride alone for thousands of miles

In the company, the current assistant sales director Wang Bin is kind, elegant and easy-going, which makes people feel like spring breeze. Let’s talk to him and learn about his story with Xingpai.

When Wang Bin first came to Xingpai, Xingpai was only a single production enterprise. Today’s Xingpai, through years of unremitting and ingenuity, has developed into a billiards industry group company integrating billiard equipment innovation, research and development, production, sales, event operations, and star brokerage.

As a member of the sales department, Wang Bin has visited the market, visited customers and provided after-sales service numerous times. Speaking of these, this silver-haired middle-aged man is full of passion, as if he was rejuvenated in an instant. We believe that perhaps it is this kind of passion that has created the boundless cause of Xingpai!

“Every time I think about it, I think it’s vivid. I never forget that star cards are the place where my ideals start!”

When Mr. Wang joined the company, he started from the front line of sales. An ordinary contract requires multiple links before the final order can be placed. Product introduction, site measurement, contract signing, logistics tracking, after-sales service, Mr. Wang, together with every Xingpai salesperson, uphold the attitude of being responsible to customers, earnestly do a good job in every link of sales, and honor the promise to customers. Sometimes, for a simple after-sales demand, Xingpai’s first-line after-sales personnel need two days to go back and forth. Even in extreme weather, the staff will solve problems for customers non-stop.

It’s such a group of people, sticking to it together, working hard! “Take one word of promise and wish to ride alone for a thousand miles”, this is the promise of Mr. Wang and all sales people to the enterprise, and it is also a promise to consumers!

When it comes to the sales department and the development of Xingpai, Wang Bin has talked a lot. From his speech, we can see the epitome of Xingpai’s past development and the grand blueprint of Xingpai. The passionate look in his eyes makes people can’t help but move. Yes, Xingpai Youshi is like that, so lucky!

Wang Bin takes the company as his home and grows with the company in different positions. From 1999 as a sales clerk in the marketing department, as the director of the Beijing office in 2005, in charge of the East China region business and Beijing office in 2010, to becoming the deputy general manager of sales in 2014, Wang Bin worked in almost all positions in the sales department during this period. , It also witnessed the growth and development of Xingpai, and escorted the new development, new business, new service model.

In the future, let us move forward with Xingpai and interpret the “Xingpai Spirit” together!

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