Perry sent his old friend to the club. Hawkins: The internationalization of Chinese billiards is inevitable

On March 26th, Beijing time, the 2018 CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship started its first match day in Yushan, Jiangxi. In one of the contests, famous snooker players Joe Perry and Barry Hawkins met on the central table. Hawkins, nicknamed “Falcon”, is now ranked 8th in the world in the professional snooker arena. “Gentleman” Joe Perry was also in the top 16 professional snooker rankings, but his ranking declined as his age increased. To the 22nd place. The two top players have played against each other 17 times in the snooker professional game, but they competed on the blue table with distinctive Chinese billiard characteristics. Such a picture is really rare.


In this game, the two players, who are old friends, couldn’t be more familiar with each other, so there were repeated verbal and eye contact, but the score on the court was not as “harmonious” as the players showed. You come and I go between the two sides, unable to open the score for a long time, and entered a short break with a 4 tie. But it was the interruption of these few minutes that caused the later situation to be relatively tilted: Joe Perry got the next 5 games of the 6 games, and finally sent Hawkins to the losing team with a score of 9-5. Winners and losers will continue to play at the same time tomorrow. Joe Perry will face Irish player Shane O’Hara for a ticket to the top 32, while Hawkins will face the test of South Korean player Huang Yong. He can’t afford to lose in the defeated department.

Hawkins, who was interviewed after the game, said that despite losing, he still enjoyed the game: “In the beginning I played well, but it was obvious that I didn’t play well in the second half. I still have a lot to learn. After all, this is the highest level of competition.” At the same time, Hawkins also recalled yesterday’s opening ceremony and gave a very high evaluation: “The opening ceremony was beautiful and really amazing. So many people participated in the opening ceremony. In the formula, there are so many players here to compete, everything is unbelievable.”

After winning, Joe Perry confessed to the media that he has fallen in love with the sport: “Although the (Chinese World Championships) is only held once a year, snooker players usually have fewer opportunities to train and compete. There are few, but just like snooker, Chinese billiards has gradually developed into a world sport. Britain, Russia, China, we can see people engaged in Chinese billiards everywhere. And because of the World Championships, Chinese billiards It will become more and more international.” When it comes to internationalization, Hawkins finally added with a little “suggestion”: “Continue to hold on, as more players come to participate in the competition, the experience of running the game will become richer and the conditions for running the game will become more abundant. With more maturity, Chinese billiards will definitely become more popular and international.”

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