Grand Prix Xiao Guodong 4-3 upset Selby Zhou Yuelong 1-4 round trip

In the first round of the 2020 Snooker Grand Prix, Selby played against Xiao Guodong. He still lost 3-4 with a two-shot break. Zhou Yuelong responded to Gary Wilson with a 1-4 defeat, unable to defeat the enemy again after the European Championship finals.

Selby’s first-round enemy was Xiao Guodong. The two had two wins against Xiao Guodong in the previous six encounters. In the first game, Selby’s excellent red number played snooker, Xiao Guodong’s offensive foul sent out the opportunity, Selby quickly searched for touch, scored 111 points on a shot, and took the lead with 112-4. In the second round, Xiao Guodong fought back with a strong back, and scored 100 points with one shot. He scored 101 points and equalized with a 130-0 zero. In the third game, Selby still had a hot touch. He broke 100 in his second shot this time and took the lead with 131 points and 2-1.

Xiao Guodong gave it a go and chased to 2 draws with 89 points on a single stroke in the fourth inning. In the fifth game, Xiao Guodong advanced to the red number. Selby made a mistake with 14 points. Xiao Guodong won 79-14 with 78 points and caught up 3-2 to get the match point. In the sixth game, Xiao Guodong scored 54 points to give the opportunity, and Selby scored 83 points in a single stroke to catch up and tie the game to 3 draws.

Selby scored 14 points in the deciding game, and then the red number entered the bag and occupied 13 points and the black goal was not scored. Xiao Guodong turned the red number into the bag and lost 37 points in a single shot to miss the red number close to the side library. Selby scored the red number stepcue and fell into the bag. Xiao Guodong did not leave any more opportunities, scored a pink ball to win 75-27, a big score 4-3 upset Selby was promoted. In the second round, Xiao Guodong’s enemies were created between Dort and Ma Fulin.

Zhou Yuelong challenged Gary Wilson. In the 10-day European Championship, Zhou Yuelong defeated the enemy 6-5 in the finals. In the first game, Gary Wilson scored 53 points and won 90-0. In the second game, he won 70-48 in the political crisis. In the third round, Zhou Yuelong scored 58 points in a single stroke and cleared the table to chase one round 71-58. However, in the fourth round, he lost 1-3 with 30-62 to send out the match point. In the fifth game, Gary Wilson scored 61 points on a single stroke. Zhou Yuelong lost another game 29-66 and was eliminated in the first round with a big score of 1-4.

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