Memories kill play 4: billiards sports flourishing Folk games”

CBSA billiards international Chinese professional league first stop “bank of shangrao cup” the success of the China open, let us feel the numerous star billiards lovers events of the expectation and recognition, and also embodies the universal appeal of billiards sports, more and more people are involved.Billiards sports prosperous phenomenon nowadays, without a lot of folk sports, they billiards sports development laid a solid mass foundation.Billiard ball movement in the late 1980 s began to rise in China, and quickly catch on around the streets. At that time, just in a busy road to find a pool table. Therefore, people’s demand for billiards. Star concern to the people’s demand, in the national large-scale events at the same time, also began to focus on promoting private events.

Memories kill play 4: billiards sports flourishing Folk games"

Began in the early 1990 s, the star or host, or support the hundreds of thousands of folk games, use three words to sum up, is the competition number, long time span, wide coverage (north and south have involved).Based club events, in addition to the star also hold events for specific populations, including TaiQiuSai for journalists, elderly TaiQiuSai, TaiQiuSai of primary and middle school students, and belongs to the capital of the college students amateur college students billiard tournaments, etc.”Star alliance” club competition is the star to hold one of the most representative of folk games, attracted the participation of tens of thousands of billiards lovers.” Star alliance “club competition initially club in Beijing, tianjin and hebei, after go to the country, also has the” million-dollar bonuses, thousands of ball rooms, peoples participation of “millions” storm, tens of thousands of people attend each year.

Memories kill play 4: billiards sports flourishing Folk games"

College students occupy a big proportion in the numerous billiards fans, most of them young people around the age of 20, is the time to have a strong curiosity about billiards sports. They also hope billiards sports sustainable development in the future.Know this, star in 2014 held a “star cup” college students billiards championship in the capital. From communication university of China, Beijing university, tsinghua university, renmin university of China, nearly 30 universities including the university of international business and economics of 60 team, more than 300 players to sign up, Zheng Yubo and Carrie fisher display field, and the students interaction. CCTV, Beijing TV, China Radio International, China education television, huaao stars, and other media to attend and report.

Memories kill play 4: billiards sports flourishing Folk games"

Time back to now, in February this year, Beijing sanitation group first ring cup “” mutual security – Beijing worker at GengMingJi billiards club billiards game, a total of more than 200Each unit in a group headquarters and Beijing billiards lovers to participate.

Memories kill play 4: billiards sports flourishing Folk games"

The contest not only for the workers of amateur life adds to the fun, also let them immersive experience the atmosphere of formal billiards game, feel the joy of the game of billiards.Billiards industry prosperity and flowers, leave the folk games, more important still is the billiards lovers attention and support. Star will continue to listen to the billiards lovers requirements and Suggestions, let more people to participate, feel the charm of billiards sports, to build a more solid foundation.

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