Selby and Murphy were eliminated in the first round, Ding Junhui defeated Derby to enter the top 32

On the evening of September 19th, China·Shangrao·Yushan “Sanqingshan” Cup 2017 Snooker World Open held the last 8 matches of the first round. Ding Junhui and Zhang Anda’s Chinese “Derby” and Selby played against Lee Walker. The game became the focus of the night.


Ding Junhui continued the hot state of yesterday, starting with a 128:5 break to win the game easily, and then he won the two cities with 68:39 and 86:7. In the fourth game, he broke the hundred to obtain an absolute lead of 4-0. After the intermission, Zhang Anda “woke up like a dream” and gradually recovered his hand feeling to get back a round. Then, Zhang Anda took advantage of the momentum and rewritten the strong scores of 67:50 and 77:46 to 3-4. Zhang Anda, who feels positively, took the lead in the eighth game, but Ding Junhui exerted his strength later and eventually won the “Derby War” at 62:44.


In another game in the evening, Selby played against Lee Walker, ranked 69th in the world. After Selby won the first game, Walker pulled the score in three consecutive games to overtake the score. In the subsequent games, Walker continued to expand the score. Selby was struggling to catch up and lost the game 2-5. He bid farewell to the public in advance. Match.


In the afternoon match, Higgins, who had just won the Indian Open, non-stop ushered in the Yushan Snooker World Open’s first opponent-the 21-year-old Swiss teenager Alexander Ursenbach.

Throughout the game, “The Witcher” Higgins swept Ursenbach 5-0 with a hot touch, precise positioning, and steady rhythm, allowing this younger generation to understand the truth of “ginger is still hot”. .

It is worth mentioning that after the game, Higgins walked to Ursenbach and shook hands with him for a long time. The words, like the comfort and encouragement of the elders to the younger ones, left a heartwarming heart for this Snooker World Open. The moment.


In another game, Fu Jiajun eliminated Li Xing 5-3. In the first half, Fu Jiajun took the lead with an absolute advantage of 4-0. After the intermission, Li Xing gradually recovered his hand and pulled back three rounds to close the big score to 3-4. However, Fu Jiajun was not affected by successive losses. Adjust the state and even the two cities will take away the game.

Fu Jiajun was interviewed by reporters after the game. In addition to his expectations for the game tomorrow, Fu Jiajun also talked about the Yushan World Billiards Cultural City under construction. He believes that Yushan is a good place and it will become China and even China through the construction of the International Billiards Cultural City. The world-famous snooker city, this is Yushan’s “good idea”, and I hope to come to Yushan to play games every year.

In the other games of the evening, Wells beat Murphy 5-3, Chen Zhe eliminated Mark King 5-3, Allen beat Lions 5-1, Noah beat McManus 5-2, McGill 5: 2 beat Jones, Ford lost 3-5 to Jimmy Robertson.


In an interview with reporters after the game, Allen, who came to Yushan for the first time, said that although he missed some opportunities in the game, he was lucky to win the game in the end. Before I came to Yushan, I thought that the Chinese train would be very inconvenient. I was surprised that it only takes tens of minutes to arrive. It is very fast and convenient. In addition, living in Yushan is also very comfortable. Everything is very convenient. I will definitely go if I have time. Look around.

With the end of the first round, the top 32 of the 2017 Snooker World Open all came out: Williams, Taylor, Holt, Wollaston, Milkins, Walklin, Alberton, Ryan Dai, Astri, Neil Robertson, Xiao Guodong, Gilbert, Wharton, Celter, Brechel, Higgins, Fu Jiajun, Li Xing, Bingham, Cao Yupeng, Gould, Ma Kui Er, Joe Perry, Ding Junhui, Lee Walker, Wells, Allen, Noah, McGill, Karen, Jimmy Robertson, Chen Zhe.

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