Authority approval! Xingpai won the “national product and service quality good faith demonstration enterprise” and so on six great honour

China quality inspection association outstanding enterprises in 315 “products and service quality good faith commitment” theme activities.

Beijing Xingpaiweiye sports goods Co., LTD., with outstanding performance in billiards supplies production and Xingpai billiard tables, and other products, has won the “national product and service quality good faith demonstration enterprise”, “stable the national quality inspection qualified product”, “the national quality inspection trustworthy product”, “national consumer credit guarantee quality products”, “the national sporting goods industry leading quality Enterprise “, “the quality of the national sporting goods industry leading brand” six title of honor.

China quality inspection association, is the national product quality inspection field is the only national professional quality supervision institution, committed to deliver quality trust, guide consumption, quality products and services in the enterprise quality, quality testing and inspection areas plays a decisive authority and credibility.Since 2000, “315”, China quality inspection association had continued in the 315 joint related units to organize “products and service quality good faith commitment” theme activities. This activity aims to provide consumers with true brand information, avoiding market noise at the same time, choose to rest assured products.After more than 20 years of development, it has developed into a domestic has significant influence, and earnestly protect consumers’ legal rights and interests of the 315 brand promotion, at delivering quality trust, guide consumption and quality to the general consumer to provide reliable quality consumer information and authority to safeguard consumers’ legal rights and interests, etc., play an indispensable role, become a barometer of the industry.

Xingpai, specialized billiard products 36 years, with high quality products to the billiards lovers, with high quality to win consumers. Star has strict choice for raw materials, to process has strict control, firmly opposed to cut corners, shorten the construction period, such as the practice of the pursuit of immediate interests, firmly opposed by lowering the quality to seek improper profits.Since its establishment, the star continuously improve its technical level and product quality, meet customer for the continued pursuit of pool table to play feeling. Star has built a professional r&d team, in technological innovation, at present, the star has 50 a number of independent research and development of patent technology. Star billiards industrial park full production in 2021, with more advanced machine, the production, process, refresh the billiard table quality standards.

Now, Xingpai products are exported to nearly 100 countries and regions, become China’s national brand success “sea” paradigm, the star has become the world snooker tour institutions at home and abroad such as important partners. Star as China’s first “pool table national standard” led the drafting unit, let the national billiard tables production have to follow formal specification.Xingpai this time to win the honor, is China quality inspection association, is the vast consumers, is the social from all walks of life to the star – deep product quality, provide high quality products constantly. These heavy honor, will inspire star continue to don’t forget to beginner’s mind, constantly strive for excellence, with quality to win trust, booster billiards industry healthy and sustainable development!

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