• “Ingenuity, more than shape”-Xingpai Chinese Family Station

    Playing billiards is an elegant sport that integrates entertainment and fitness, and combines intelligence and physical strength. It can not only cultivate concentration and thinking, but also fitness and shape the body and cultivate sentiment.

    Enterprise trends 2020年6月1日
  • Xingpai 30th Anniversary: Ingenuity to build dreams and set sail

    On August 12, the 30th anniversary celebration of Xingpai with the theme of “creating dreams and sailing far away” was held at the Longxi Metropark International Conference Center under Xingpai. The celebration includes the “Xingpai Cup” evergreen golf friendly match, celebration ceremony, celebration dinner and other links, deduced the 30 years of ingenuity Xingpai has used ingenuity to cast the Xingpai dream, industrial dream, health dream, and Chinese dream, and together with more partners Set sail and enter the next 30 years of confidence and determination.

    Enterprise trends 2020年6月1日

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